Op-Comic: What are you afraid of? How the GOP stokes fear and loathing in a divided America

Illustration in orange and red of four people looking like they are afraid
(Ward Sutton / For The Times)
Illustration of a parent covering a child's eyes, a teacher wondering why, and protesters holding signs
Illustration of two men protesting the election and harassing an elderly woman who is volunteering at the voting polls
Illustration of people freaking out in a library, advocating banning books, while librarians calmly look on
Illustration of a man in a T-shirt and boxers standing in an unkempt living room; he holds a beer and peers out a window
Illustration of four adults looking fearful and protesting by high school tennis courts; a student, in shadow, plays tennis
Illustration of a bald man in a patriotic shirt sweating as he reads back of a CD labeled "The Right Wing's Greatest Hits"
Illustration is an homage to Edvard Munch's The Scream; a ghost-like figure wears a MAGA hat, surrounded by TV newscasts
Illustration of a woman in a "My body my choice" T-shirt confronting a political candidate wearing a red tie and sweating
A portrait in blue of Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy with election maps and results in the background
(Ward Sutton / For The Times)

Ward Sutton’s cartoons have appeared in the New Yorker and the Boston Globe, among other publications. He won the 2018 Herblock Prize for editorial cartooning. @wardsutton

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May 2, 2022