Spring Break Variation: Christian Beach Party

From Times Wire Reports

As college students celebrated spring break, Christians sponsored a giant admission-free beach party led by Argentine American evangelist Luis Palau.

Organizers said their event, Beachfest, offered spiritual highlights from Palau's sermons, Christian rock music, a huge skate park and chances to chat with Miami Dolphin wide receiver Cris Carter, Florida Marlin pitcher Braden Looper and golfer Bernhard Langer.

"Kids are looking for the real thing and not being pushed around by culture," said Palau, 68. "They have more of an awareness of ethics and morals. That has switched from 30 years ago."

During the festival, 1,200 visiting college students built homes with Habitat for Humanity and cleaned up graffiti and trash.

Palau was invited by Fort Lauderdale community leaders and 1,100 churches. The event cost $2.2 million.

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