All Riled Up Over UCLA Job

OK, here it is. It’s time for people in the media to start getting worked up and talk up the only guy that should possibly be UCLA’s basketball coach next year -- Pat Riley.

He has worn out his welcome in Miami and the NBA for that matter. He is a master motivator, but his act has worn thin on all the NBA prima donnas. College kids would drink up Riley’s motivation.

Sure Riley would have to take a pay cut, but he still would be commanding a large salary, he would be home, and he would make up the difference in local commercial deals. This is Pat Riley’s chance to reinvent himself. Not only that, but by the time he turned UCLA around, Phil Jackson may be ready to retire.

Daniel J. McCarey


Los Angeles

Ben Howland is the perfect coach for UCLA. He can’t get past the Sweet 16 either.

Mer Valdez

Long Beach