Other Contests to Be Decided on Tuesday

Here is a guide to the players in the other contested races on Tuesday’s ballot. Council members are elected by district, while school board members run for specific offices but are elected districtwide.

* Council District 3:

Councilman Jose Fernandez decided not to seek another term, setting up a two-way contest between attorney Trini Jimenez, president of the Lennox School Board -- endorsed by Mayor Roosevelt Dorn -- and Eloy Morales Jr., a field deputy to Assemblyman Jerome Horton, who is supporting him.

* Council District 4:


Councilwoman Lorraine Johnson was appointed to the vacant seat in September, then won a special election. Endorsed by Dorn, she is seeking reelection against two challengers. Labor leader Ralph L. Franklin is backed by Horton, and community activist Mike Stevens, who heads a group battling expansion of Los Angeles International Airport, also is seeking the post.

* School Board Office 4:

With incumbent Gloria Gray giving up the seat to run for city clerk, the race has attracted five contestants: attorney Mary Bueno, Los Angeles schools administrator Willie F. Crittendon, paralegal Monique Gonzaque, community activist and perennial candidate Mildred McNair and teacher Terri West Spencer. Dorn is backing Crittendon, while Horton is endorsing Gonzaque.

* School Board Office 5:

Deputy probation officer Alena Cindy Giardina is Horton’s pick, while Dorn is supporting educator and pastor Johnny J. Young; also running is businessman Jose A. Soto.