Other side of Los Cabos development

After reading "The Cancuning of Cabo" (March 2), I was surprised and disappointed that the Los Angeles Times' usually well-researched Travel section would print such a one-sided story.

A comparison of Los Cabos and Cancun is myopic and inaccurate. The total number of hotel rooms in all of Los Cabos is less than that of a small corner of Cancun or one city block of Miami Beach or Las Vegas. In fact, the timeless appeal of Los Cabos is that one can drive a 20-mile stretch and barely find a sprinkling of hotels along the beach and desert. This has not and will not change. Los Cabos has a closely monitored plan for controlled growth that will continue to protect us against negatively impacting nature and tourist sensibilities.

Price and value are a common complaint, according to Beverly Beyette's interviewees. However, prices and products are in line with those found in upscale California destinations. For Californians, paradise is two hours away by air, and it comes with paved roads, first-class hotels, spas, golf courses, fine food, potable water and all the amenities one could want.

Demand has led to development, and the product (throughout the destination) is what one would find at any world-class U.S. resort.

In Los Cabos we are supremely aware of the delicate balance and great opportunity we have in this beautiful place. That is why FONATUR, a Mexican government agency, is involved in planning the gradual development of the region, and why the Consejo Coordinador de Los Cabos (a local council of prominent citizens, representing private enterprise) works closely with local and state government to protect community interests.

There will continue to be tough decisions to be made and routes to be chosen to ensure that Los Cabos prospers through these difficult times. Like business leaders in any place of great popularity and great potential, we carry a large responsibility to the place and to the people -- and that is not taken lightly here at Land's End.

Patrick Sanchez

Vice President of Marketing

Los Cabos Hotel Assn.

Los Cabos, Mexico

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