Common Immigration Forms Posted on Internet

From a Times Staff Writer

Federal officials unveiled a new service Thursday that allows people to file the two most common immigration applications on the Internet.

The service is intended to help applicants avoid lines at immigration offices and to allow employees to catch up on paperwork.

The two applications that can now be filed online are Form I-90 and Form I-765 -- to renew or replace a permanent-resident card and to get employment authorization, respectively. The Web site is

The Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, often criticized for delays in processing paperwork, gets about 7 million applications a year, authorities said. About 30% of those are the two documents now online.


Applicants still must make appointments at Customer Support Centers to be photographed and fingerprinted.

The bureau plans to put more forms online this fall, said Jane Arellano, interim director of the bureau’s Los Angeles district.