What are you watching?

Bret Michaels

Member of the band Poison; he goes solo for a show at the House of Blues Nov. 16.

" 'The Simpsons!' That show hits home on all levels of funny! I'm a fanatic! Me and my band have been on the show a couple of times. And I have all of the tapes. Another of my favorite shows is 'Cops.' I'd make a good cop: solving a lot of these homicides -- I could get down with that. I also watch the forensic investigation shows on TLC and Discovery.

"Other than that I'll watch NASCAR -- we once had a Poison car. I never drove that car, but I was the first to have a go-cart when I was a kid, so NASCAR is a way to live the fantasy."


Walt Parazaider

Woodwind and saxophone player in the band Chicago, which is releasing the album "Chicago Christmas: What's It Gonna Be, Santa?"

"One show I definitely watch is 'Joan of Arcadia,' which stars a friend from the old neighborhood, Joe Mantegna. I think he's a great actor and the show has a very unusual premise. So in between the band's fall touring schedule, I hope to catch Joe's show. Oh, yeah, and as many Laker games as possible!"


Penny Jerald

Sherry Palmer on Fox's "24"; also played National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice in Showtime's "DC 9/11: Time of Crisis"

"My all-time favorite TV shows are 'Hawaii Five-O' and 'Perry Mason.' They're just classic TV, besides Steve McGarrett [Jack Lord] always gets his guy and he has fabulous hair. Crime dramas and thrillers are my favorite types of shows, so I love working on '24.'

"I miss when television was a huge opportunity for the working actor to really show and explore his talent, when scripts allowed viewers to use their imaginations, when love scenes were tender and essential to the storytelling, not borderline pornography."

-- Carolyn Patricia Scott

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