Docudrama Withdrawn, Reagan's Legacy Stands

Michael Ramirez is wrong to accuse anyone of beating up on Ronald Reagan (editorial cartoon, Commentary, Nov. 8).

The former president tarnished his own legacy and gave himself a big black eye back in 1985 when he paid a visit to West Germany's Bitburg cemetery, the site of Nazi SS graves. That's the same year his Iran-Contra arms-for-prisoners scandal began, which he let others take the blame for ... and the list goes on and on.

Sheila Fenton

West Hollywood


Permit me to note a serious omission in Ramirez's cartoon deploring the "beating up" of ex-President Reagan by the CBS film (now relegated to a cable channel). The cartoon, depicting Reagan with a black eye, failed to include a halo over the ex-president's head.

Bill-Ziva Naumann

Los Angeles


After CBS had the good taste to withdraw its biased "docudrama" on Reagan, wouldn't you know that the Reagan-haters had to get their dig in with "Stranger Than CBS," that ugly and tasteless cartoon strip by Steve Brodner (Commentary, Nov. 7). Kicking a man when he is down must make people like that feel very proud.

Edward Spinola



Kudos to Brodner. Reagan: the Great Communicator. The Great Orator. The prototype for all future great imbecilic presidents.

Philip. J. Hilow


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