Rename Airport After Gen. James Doolittle

The proposal to rename the Burbank Airport the "Bob Hope Airport" is off the mark (Nov. 4). I would recommend that the Burbank Airport be named in honor of Gen. James H. "Jimmy" Doolittle. He was the winner of every medal this country had to offer, including the Medal of Honor.

Doolittle's local connections include graduation from Manual Arts High School and the former Los Angeles Junior College.

Check with Dolores Hope and I think you'll find she would agree that Doolittle is more deserving of this honor than her beloved Bob. Bob Hope was the ultimate comedian of the 20th century, but Doolittle was the ultimate pilot and a true American hero. I would suggest conducting a public opinion poll on this proposal around Southern California. Of course, it should be restricted to persons more than 40 years old.

Thomas Buckley


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