Her sunny outlook

Three months in Los Angeles, and Kay Hanley isn't missing her native Massachusetts. "Sunny weather can be oppressive," the 35-year-old singer says, "but we're making the adjustment well. It's been kind of seamless."

Hanley, the former vocalist of Boston pop favorites Letters to Cleo, and husband Michael Eisenstein, the band's guitarist, started a new chapter this year when they relocated their family (including Zoe, 4, and Henry Aaron, 10 months). "We'd kind of stagnated in our lives," Hanley says of the move, which came three years after Letters to Cleo dissolved -- leaving behind three albums, one modest hit (1994's "Here and Now") and almost a decade of sassy power pop.

Like many who matriculate to L.A., the couple are looking for opportunities, Eisenstein as a guitarist and Hanley as a singer and songwriter (among her credits was a role as the singing voice of Josie in 2001's "Josie and the Pussycats"). She launched a solo career last year with the release of "Cherry Marmalade," an album that found her insistent vocals slightly sweetened but no less wizened.

And when she performs Saturday night at Spaceland, there'll be no shortage of Boston expatriates in the house -- this town is lousy with 'em. "We just went to Largo for Greg Behrendt's Bring the Rock show, and it was crazy," Hanley says. "It was East Coast West."


Fast Forward

Scottish singer-guitarist Alex Lowe is scheduled to headline a Monday night show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim. Lowe, the vocalist for Andy Bell's post-Ride band Hurricane #1, has released a solo album, "Boys United Never Die Young." ... Songstress Apryl Lauren marks the release of her debut EP "Half-Dressed" with a performance tonight at the Gig Hollywood.

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