Last Chance

Kate Crackernuts: Warning -- this production might give you a buzz. I don't mean the Ecstasy high of its club-kid chorus, but something closer to an actual buzzing in your ears -- from John Zalewski's thumping, trickling sound design, to the strange, dense, brilliant wordplay of writer Sheila Callaghan, to the direction of Jessica Kubzansky. Part poetry slam, part rave, part dog-eared storybook theater -- and all edgy, infectious entertainment -- "Kate Crackernuts" is an adult fairy tale that, like its tough but vulnerable heroine, follows a warped dream logic while keeping its sharp- tongued wits about it.

-- Rob Kendt

Ends Saturday at the 24th Street Theatre, 1117 W. 24th St., L.A. (213) 745-6516.

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