Gas Prices Rise 1 Cent After Steady Decline

Retail gasoline prices in California rose by a penny over the last seven days to a statewide average of $1.691 a gallon, increasing the cost of self-serve unleaded after 11 weeks of declines, according to a weekly survey by the federal government.

The reversal ends a steady drop in pump prices that began Sept. 1, after prices had jumped to more than $2.10 a gallon. The new California average is 12.1 cents above the average gasoline price during the same week last year, according to the Energy Information Administration, an arm of the Department of Energy.

In another reversal, the cost of fuel in Los Angeles was higher than in perennially pricey San Francisco. In Los Angeles, gas averaged $1.707 a gallon, up 3.2 cents, while San Francisco prices averaged $1.700, down 1.4 cents.

Nationwide, the average cost of fuel rose 1.5 cents in the last week to $1.512, the EIA said.

-- Elizabeth Douglass

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