The Wit and the History of Candidate Sharpton

Re "Sharpton Often Dazzles but Also Disappoints," Nov. 26:

Tell me, if I were a white clergyman and told everybody that six black guys raped a teenage white girl, smeared dog feces and spelled out a racial epithet on her body -- and that a black district attorney was in on the act -- and then the girl was found by a grand jury to have fabricated the whole episode and I was found guilty, by a jury, of defaming the district attorney, do you think I'd have a bat's chance in hell to be a Democratic presidential candidate 15 years down the road?

Black clergyman Al Sharpton paid his $65,000 fine for defamation as if it were a parking ticket and was free to go stir up more racial hatred in New York and, now, in sheep's clothing, on a national stage. Now he is cute and cuddly. Now he leads all the folk. God bless America.

Lou Perfidio

Los Angeles


I tune in to the Democratic debates because I don't want to miss any of the jewels Sharpton litters the events with. His responses are right on. Frankly, I didn't become a Democrat so I could vote for Republican-lite candidates. They leave me wishing there was a Democrat among them. Dennis Kucinich is the only white Democrat on the stage. I would like him to be polished in his appearance and speech. Carol Moseley-Braun isn't adept at presenting her positions, either. But I'm never disappointed with Brother Al. I was particularly pleased with his response to Tom Brokaw over the Tawana Brawley question.

Teddi Curtis


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