Driver's License Repeal Smacks of Racism

Re "Panel OKs Repeal of License Law," Nov. 26: Opposition to the issuing of driver's licenses to illegal immigrants smacks of racism, not of a concern for deterring terrorism. Who is so naive as to believe that depriving a terrorist of a driver's license will somehow deter a determined terrorist? What it will do is force illegal immigrants to drive without a license.

The people whom this issue affects are the illegal Hispanic immigrants in our midst. They are here not to destroy us but because here is where the jobs are. Without them, who would pick our fruit and vegetables, wash restaurant dishes, clean our office buildings, wash our cars, etc.? If our illegal Hispanic immigrants were to suddenly disappear in Los Angeles, or California, for that matter, our system would come to a screeching halt. These workers provide an inspiring example of an outstanding work ethic. When have any of us seen a Hispanic with his hand out? They do the hard work that the rest of us rely upon and are not willing to do ourselves.

Bruce Sellery

Los Angeles

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