Garden Grove Needs a Broader Perspective

Re "22 Freeway Project Will Be a Monumental Waste," letter, Nov. 9:

Garden Grove Mayor Bruce A. Broadwater's frustration is nothing in comparison with the tens of thousands of us who actually drive the Garden Grove Freeway every day. Nor is his frustration even remotely close to those of us who are disgusted with self-serving politicians such as himself, holding up much-needed public works projects simply because they are not getting what they want.

The OCTA-planned project will add much-needed carpool and auxiliary lanes that will help alleviate some of that congestion. Instead of supporting such an obviously important expansion, all Garden Grove can do is try political strongarming, simply because it wants someone else to pay for improvements on its streets. It seems to me it is Garden Grove that isn't giving the proper attention to the genuine transportation needs of Orange County.

Nabor Lopez


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