It May Be No Milky Way, but the Walk of Fame Has Room for Stars Aplenty

Actor Kevin Bacon just became the 2,238th recipient of a star on the Walk of Fame, but in case you’re wondering, that spot won’t also be his final resting place. Some visitors do wonder about such things.

“Are people buried under their stars?” is one of the most frequently asked questions of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, said spokeswoman Ana Martinez-Holler.

Another question that chamber director Leron Gubler hears often is whether the Walk of Fame is in danger of running out of space (answer: not in our lifetime).

Also, can the chamber take away the star of a personality who has misbehaved? Once, when someone asked honorary mayor Johnny Grant about that, he responded that, if there were such a rule, “We wouldn’t have any stars left.”


And then there was this query to the chamber from a movie fan: “Can I buy a star for my husband’s birthday?”

Going sideways, sir? Larry Yamada of Burbank spotted an elevator that can apparently move in several directions (see photo).

Musical interlude: Today’s selections (see accompanying) include:

* A notice about a dance performance in a Writers Guild publication (submitted by Malvin Wald).

* A catalog of courses using an inadvertent synonym for “piano” -- one that those who have taken lessons will find familiar (from Susan Peters).

* And a customs declaration requirement that could use some piano accompaniment (from Patricia Falco).

Surf City stories: Is it something in the air? The Huntington Beach Independent’s latest police log included the following items:

* A resident “reported a branch missing from her very expensive plumeria tree.”


* A witness saw “a person riding a motorcycle faster than 100 mph while having an asthma attack.”

* A baby “playing with the phone dialed 911 and was cooing into it.”

miscelLAny: Van’s International Foods is inviting people to indicate their preferences in California’s recall by voting for waffle varieties on its Web site. Backers of actor Gary Coleman, for instance, would click on Van’s Mini-Waffles.



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