Freeze MTA Managers’ Salaries During Strike

For nearly three weeks now, I’ve been denied the local transit services that I pay for with fares (when the system is operating) and taxes (all year, every year). Striking workers and others who refuse to cross picket lines have given up their regular paychecks in the dispute. Those in MTA management, on the other hand, continue to draw their considerable salaries.

I think I’ve hit on a solution. Freeze management salaries during labor disputes and redirect the money to a fund that will give regular riders free access for a period comparable to the length of the strike. I suspect if management had to suffer along with the rest of us, strikes would last hours instead of weeks.

Gerald Jones

Los Angeles



Until the MTA strike is settled, I suggest the city impose temporary “no-parking/no-stopping from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.” signs along all major thoroughfares. This would ease traffic congestion throughout the day, not just one direction in the morning and the opposite direction in the afternoon.

Jim Anderson

Benedict Canyon