Eminem raps his foes on mix tape

Times Staff Writer

Eminem blasts back at hip-hop magazine the Source, which has branded him a racist, in a new freestyle rap.

It includes the lines: "Word on my daughter, I told ya / That I love this culture / Don't let 'em insult ya / I'mma tell you once more again / This is the environment I was brought up in."

The untitled rap is on a mix tape from DJ Green Lantern, along with tracks by Dr. Dre, D12, Fat Joe and others, and is being sold at the www.mixtape kings.com website.

The track also takes a shot at Source founder David Mays and his business partner, rapper Raymond "Benzino" Scott, making them the punch line of the riddle, "What's little and talks big / With midget arms and creamy filling in the middle? / That will do anything to throw dirt on my name?"

Last fall the Source made public a tape that Eminem, who is white, recorded at least 10 years ago in which he made derogatory remarks toward African American women. The Detroit rapper issued a brief apology, saying it was something he made when he was an "angry, stupid kid." The Source includes a CD containing excerpts from the tape in its February issue.

The Source's chief competitor, XXL magazine, has what it bills as an exclusive interview in its forthcoming March issue, with Eminem speaking at length for the first time about the issues raised by the Source.

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