See Spot Make Dots. See Spot Chew Up His Ballot.

I guess I jumped the gun when I questioned the eligibility of the voter pictured in my Official Sample Ballot (see photo). The reason for my suspicion, I thought, was obvious: The guy wasn’t 18 years old. But Jim Goodenough of Canoga Park wrote: “What about in ‘dog years’?”

Putting the “fun” in funeral: On a drive through Massachusetts, Debbie Pikul of Moorpark noticed what might strike passersby as an unusual spot to offer entertainment (see photo).

Don’t leave them untended! Bill Fawcett of Tujunga chanced upon a sale of suitcases that must not come with locks (see photo).

What’s in a name: I mentioned that Liesa Rodin of Santa Clarita received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service that listed the agency’s Memphis office address as Getwell Road. Turns out there’s an interesting story about the origin of the street name.


Dr. Sidney Kahn wrote that it was renamed Getwell more than half a century ago when a veterans hospital was built there. The previous name -- honoring a prominent family -- was not considered appropriate for a hospital treating wounded servicemen. The street had been Shotwell Road.

Speaking of the IRS: Yes, it’s getting close to that time again. And I was taken aback a bit to see the IRS slogan spotted by Larry Harnisch and Dan Fink, especially the “destruction” aspect, truthful though it might be (see photo). Then I noticed this IRS is Interior Removal Specialist Inc. of South Gate.

A fan’s lament: “How did he get my number?” wrote intern Jolene Hull in the Palisadian-Post. “After eight long years, he finally called me. The young Hollywood heartthrob my girlfriends and I swooned over in countless screenings of ‘Romeo & Juliet’ at our popcorn-and-Coke-filled slumber parties in ninth grade.... He said ‘Hello’ and identified himself as ‘Leonardo DiCaprio.’ ” But, Hull wrote, “With that said, our conversation quickly took an ugly left turn. ‘I’m urging you to vote Democratic this year,’ ” said the recorded voice.

miscelLAny: Residents of a street in Pacific Palisades wrote the local newspaper to complain about constant power shortages and shoddy service by the Department of Water and Power. Hardly the sort of treatment the residents expected to encounter on a street named Enchanted Way.


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