John and Ken Who?

OK, so it’s not quite Bill O’Reilly’s loofah sponge phone fantasy. Still, it’s entertaining to see L.A.'s own media bullies getting their comeuppance this election cycle. And since KFI’s John and Ken are apparently too self-absorbed to admit defeat, someone has to point it out for them.

Former Jersey boys, John and Ken like to take credit for the recall of the man they called the “idiot Gov. Gumby.” Until recently, they were chummy with Arnold, the man they think they made king. But Arnold evidently doesn’t share the love because he betrayed the duo recently by defending their new Public Enemy No. 1: Republican Congressman David Dreier.

Fresh off “their” recall victory and heady with a deluded sense of political power, the Karl Rove wannabes found a new cause to keep their decibel level -- and ratings -- high. Deciding that illegal immigration was the root cause of all social ills, including terrorism, the generally conservative hosts determined that even many Republicans weren’t toeing the anti-immigration line. So they created a reality show format and prodded congressional candidates to appear and defend their immigration positions. Those who came up short qualified to become a “political human sacrifice.”

The “winners”: Dreier and San Bernardino Democrat Joe Baca.


The talkers left no doubt that they intended their blustery show of political “muscle” to strike fear into candidates’ hearts. And to the attention-seeking provocateurs’ credit, Republicans did lunge at the bait by trying to persuade the Federal Elections Commission that the on-air rants violated campaign finance laws. But, ultimately, pumped-up jaw muscles aren’t all that intimidating or effective, and on election day, after months of being harangued at rallies and on KFI, Baca and Dreier easily reclaimed their seats.

Not to be deterred by reality, the John and Ken website reports that “Political Human Sacrifice was a HUGE success!” while the hosts resort to puffing themselves up with boasts that Dreier -- drumroll -- won by a smaller margin than last time.

All blather, no impact. That’s why they still call it Talk Radio.

-- Gregory Rodriguez