Enjoying speed reading

Congratulations to Dan Neil! A great piece (“Speeding Volition,” Nov. 4). His story catapulted me back in time because I grew up in Glendale in the late ‘50s and hung out at the drags with my buddies almost every Sunday.

Many clandestine races were also organized at various Bob’s Big Boy drive-ins and at Harvey’s Broiler in Downey during evening “cruises.”

What we need now are a few more drag strips built to help quell all this out-of-control stuff going on these days.

Kent Moore


Corona Del Mar


I like Dan Neil’s writing, his way with words. He must be a Renaissance man, with his erudite treatments of the Ferrari and the Mini Cooper. Maybe he’s too young to remember San Fernando and Lions drag strips from the ‘50s and ‘60s: top gas dragsters turning 10 seconds and 166 mph in the quarter; and later, [Don] Garlits pushing 200 in less than nine seconds!

Bill Dellahoussaye


Fox Hills