Steiner Interests Dodgers


The Dodgers are close to naming a new play-by-play announcer and two new radio and television commentators.

Charley Steiner, formerly of ESPN and a New York Yankee radio announcer for the last three years, is a possible replacement for Ross Porter, whose contract was not renewed.

Former Dodger second baseman Steve Sax has emerged as a candidate for one of the commentating jobs.


“Charley Steiner is one of the people we have looked at,” Dodger executive vice president Lon Rosen said late Thursday. “No decision has been made.”

Steiner, 55, told New York Newsday, “Nothing has happened until it happens.”

The Dodgers plan to use a two-announcer format on radio and have two announcers on television on games Vin Scully does not work.

When Scully works, he will work alone, as he has since joining the Dodgers in 1950.

Possible commentators to work with Rick Monday and the new play-by-play announcer on radio, and on television when Scully isn’t there, are other former Dodgers who had tryouts this past season. They are: Al Downing, Steve Garvey, Ron Cey, Tommy Davis and Eric Davis.

Downing, who impressed Dodger officials during his tryout, will likely have some kind of role on the new team.