Reyes Apologizes for Remarks About LaBonge

From a Times Staff Writer

Councilman Ed Reyes said Friday that he had apologized to Councilman Tom LaBonge for hurting his feelings and insulting him when he described LaBonge’s attitude toward affordable housing as “old school” and “white is right.”

Reyes made the comments in the L.A. Weekly, in the context of his frustrations about persuading some of his council colleagues to support a proposal that would require a certain number of units across the city to be affordable housing, even in wealthy neighborhoods.

“Guys like Tom LaBonge, if they could, they would be riding around here on their horses with their cowboy hats on,” Reyes was quoted. “You know, old school, ‘White is right and we’ll take care of our little brothers.’ ”

LaBonge spokeswoman Jane Galbraith said the councilman was “very disappointed to have that description made about him from a colleague.”

Reyes, who has long sought more city resources for some of Los Angeles’ poorer neighborhoods, said he was sorry and that the comments do not “reflect my true feelings of Tom or his work.”


He added that he “cherishes” LaBonge’s work and “what he means to the city.”

Galbraith said LaBonge had accepted Reyes’ apology.