Exposing the Roots of Palestinian Poverty

Re “Half of Palestinians Live in Poverty, Report Says,” Nov. 23: The Israeli “closure” policies on the Palestinian economy are a stranglehold that is suffocating the Palestinians out of any semblance of autonomy. This is the result of a half-century of unchecked power and force upon the Palestinians.

Palestinian economics is not the only victim of Israeli policy. Housing complexes are destroyed by ruthless bulldozers; medical care is denied to those in emergency vehicles crossing checkpoints, not to mention daily humiliation by Israeli defense forces at checkpoints, diversion of resources -- like water -- from Palestinians, and the illegal building of settler homes. When Israel ceases its oppression and occupation, only then will the Middle East be stable.

For the record:

12:00 a.m. Dec. 4, 2004 For The Record
Los Angeles Times Saturday December 04, 2004 Home Edition California Part B Page 20 Editorial Pages Desk 0 inches; 28 words Type of Material: Correction
Mideast conflict -- A letter Nov. 29 said soldiers were the majority of the 900 Israelis killed in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict since 2000. The majority have been civilians.

Ferdaus Serhal




Re “Dust Off Mideast ‘Road Map,’ ” editorial, Nov. 24: I find it ironic that you state in your editorial that “Palestinians must stop killing Israelis” for Middle East peace talks to resume. What about Israelis killing Palestinians? Don’t they figure into the picture? The numbers say it all, in more than four years of violence, some 900 Israelis have been killed, the majority soldiers, and more than 3,500 Palestinians, the majority civilians, cut down to support a brutal occupation. Who needs to stop killing whom?

Marc Springer

Chantilly, Va.


The World Bank’s useless conclusion that half the Palestinians live in poverty would make sense if the report also included details relating to the lack of useful employment among the snipers, rocket launchers, homicide bombers and bomb makers. It’s hard to put in a good day’s work while packing nails and bolts into bomb containers.

David Meyers