Mooncake Mistake


Re “Chinese Commercialism Sends Mooncake Prices Into Orbit,” Sept. 28: A co-worker and I read the unflattering article about mooncakes, which were referred to as “a lowly pastry that ... is no crowd pleaser.” It also said, “The hockey-puck-shaped hunks of dough ... are considered something of an inside cultural joke.” So when we received one from a Chinese co-worker, we figured it was a joke and passed it on to someone else, like an unwanted fruitcake at Christmas, as was also mentioned in the article.

Our co-worker’s feelings were hurt that we gave away what was intended as a sincere gift. We showed her the article and she was in complete disagreement with it. It was negative and inaccurate. I suggest checking facts and being more sensitive about future cultural pieces.

Louise Braun