Rebates from agents debated

Regarding “Like It? It’s From My Agent” [by T.J. Sullivan, Sept. 26]: The concept of a rebate is the return of funds from a purchase or payment made.

When a buyer hires a Realtor (at no cost to the buyer) to show him/her dozens of homes and then find the right home and go through the negotiating process, the mounds of paperwork, inspections and loan process, the buyer then has lots of chutzpah to expect a rebate from the agent representing him.

If an agent wants to give his/her client a gift after the fact, that’s fine, but a “rebate,” not so.

About 80% of buyers do not buy anything. Should their agents bill them for time spent on house-hunting trips and failed offers?

Sol Taylor

Sherman Oaks


What would you think if a surgeon gave you a rebate after the operation? That he might not have been up to par? That maybe you should have bargained with him beforehand or looked around for someone cheaper?


Of course, I am not comparing myself to a surgeon, but I do regard myself as a professional (I had to pass initial stringent exams and must take and pass periodic courses in order to continue to qualify for the Department of Real Estate’s willingness to issue my license) and should be compensated per industry standards for what I regard is the very best, most conscientious service a prospective buyer or seller can expect.

Please do remember that we are engaging in the largest investment most people ever have, and as such it cannot be cheapened like this.

Bob Ferrol

Marina del Rey