Candidate Biographies

Barbara Boxer

Democrat (I)

Seeking her third term. Former stockbroker and journalist, elected to the Marin County Board of Supervisors in 1976, the House of Representatives in 1982 and the U.S. Senate in 1992. One of the most liberal members of the Senate, Boxer is campaigning largely against Bush administration policies on the war in Iraq, foreign relations, the economy and the environment. She argues that her main opponent, Republican Bill Jones, is too conservative for California and would become a Bush ally in the Senate. About 75% of her contributions come from individuals -- many channeled through Emily’s List, which supports female candidates and issues such as abortion rights. Her financial support is nearly evenly divided among business, labor and single-issue groups, according to, which tracks campaign contributions.

Bill Jones


Former Fresno-area farmer, served six two-year terms in the state Assembly beginning in 1982, and two four-year terms as secretary of state beginning in 1994. Also founded Pacific Ethanol, an alternative-fuels company, in 2003, and still holds a large block of stock but quit his corporate posts to run for Senate. A conservative, Jones argues that Boxer’s liberal positions put her at odds with mainstream Californians and that her opposition to the war in Iraq and many big-ticket military programs has endangered national security. Jones has had trouble raising funds and lags Boxer considerably. About 80% of his contributions come from individuals. Polls indicate that he also remains almost unknown to many voters.

James P. Gray


On leave from his job as an Orange County Superior Court judge, Gray left the Republican Party over its stances on the Patriot Act and drug laws. Campaigning largely on a platform to reduce the scope of government, led by a demand to legalize marijuana, end the drug war and scrap the Patriot Act, while demanding a reduction in government intervention in individual lives. Has raised only about $150,000, mostly from individuals.

Marsha Feinland

Peace and Freedom

An Oakland teacher, Feinland urges a massive reduction of military spending, sharp increases in support for education, arts, job training and other domestic programs and increased taxes on the wealthy. Fundraising has been minimal.

Don J. Grundmann

American Independent

A chiropractor from San Leandro, Grundmann urges a massive reduction in the scope of the federal government combined with deep tax cuts, including reduced support for public education, eliminating unemployment programs and ending affirmative action. Fundraising has been minimal.