Religious Schisms and Divisions of Property

Re “Episcopal Diocese Demands Property,” Aug. 28: I hereby demand that the Anglican Communion return all properties illegally seized from the Holy Roman Catholic Church, including, but not limited to, cathedrals, monasteries, parish seats, bank accounts and Bibles.

My demand is equivalent to the demand made by Los Angeles Episcopal Bishop J. Jon Bruno’s attorneys to those local Episcopal parishes that have broken away from his Los Angeles diocese: to vacate their church buildings, surrender their financial holdings and yield up their worship aids.

Bruno is obviously looking back to his roots as he attempts to formulate a response to this breakaway of parishes from a breakaway church.

Douglas Campbell


Culver City


Re “Ugandan Cleric Backs Breakaway Parishes,” Aug. 24: As relatively recent Episcopalians, my husband and I were brought into the church by one of the finest and best men I know. I have always been appalled that anyone could believe he is sinful or somehow a lesser person because he is gay.

I am somewhat heartened that the approximately 500 people who voted to leave the Episcopal Church had to go as far as Uganda to find a bishop to support their homophobic views, and I am proud to have a bishop here who believes that church should include all people.


Suzanne Cooper

West Adams