Stogies and Scepter Are on Gov.'s List of Gifts

Times Staff Writers

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger holds millions of dollars worth of real estate and investments, and was given cigars, cufflinks and even a scepter last year by admirers, including Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and King Abdullah II of Jordan, according to the governor’s financial disclosure statement, released Tuesday.

The report, required of most state and local government officials and employees in California, covers the period from Schwarzenegger’s inauguration in November 2003 to the end of last year. Officials are not required to specify the dollar amount of what they own; worth is given in broad ranges.

It is virtually impossible to estimate the holdings of someone of Schwarzenegger’s wealth based on the disclosure form because of limited reporting requirements. For example, a $50-million asset would only be reported on the form as being worth over $1 million.

The governor listed 21 separate investments that were each worth at least $1 million. They included Oak Productions Inc., which owns the intellectual property and contracts rights of the governor’s films; Main Street Plaza, the Santa Monica building that the governor uses as an office when he is in the Los Angeles area; Starbucks; and Easton Town Center, a shopping mall in Columbus, Ohio.


Schwarzenegger listed an additional 14 investments worth between $100,000 and $1 million.

The statement shows he sold a car to Thomas Taffet of Chatsworth, who collects vintage automobiles. The car was sold for an amount between $10,000 and $100,000.

The governor’s wife, Maria Shriver, reported receiving more than $100,000 in income from NBC.

Shriver hosts occasional shows for the network. Last year, she interviewed the illusionist Roy Horn, of Siegfried & Roy, who had been mauled by a tiger during a performance in Las Vegas.


Schwarzenegger reported receiving more than $22,000 in gifts from dozens of people across the country. Cigars appeared to be the favorite gift, including one box from Jeb Bush.

The governor also received a case of raisins, an oil painting of himself, bottles of wine, neckties, tote bags, coffee-table books, 48 posters of his movie “Red Sonja,” an espresso machine from state Sen. Dick Ackerman (R-Irvine) and others, sunglasses, candy, steaks, a globe, a handmade quilt, cufflinks, humidors and a scepter.

The latter came from San Diego political activist Miriam Karpovics.

Actor Rob Lowe gave Schwarzenegger a $112.50 silver frame. Motivational speaker Tony Robbins gave him a $120 box of cigars. Abdullah gave him a ceremonial dagger and a desk pad.


Paul Wachter, the governor’s financial advisor, said in an interview Tuesday that Schwarzenegger often received gifts before he became governor, and enjoys giving his share in return.

He declined to comment on how Schwarzenegger’s wealth last year compared to the year before.