Lofty aspirations

Think holistically: Wallpaper, marble, furniture and fabrics don’t matter individually. How they fit into the package is everything. Form should follow function. When you buy a couch, think about how you want guests to sit -- straight, or deep and low?

Whimsy works: Mix up looks to suit the space. Who says you can’t combine Ralph Lauren and Robert Redford? And every home should have something that brings a smile. At Skylofts, it’s pop art.

Singular sensation: Avoid having the minimalist look appear to say “Don’t come in.” You need one dominant object, such as a chandelier or table, that stages its surroundings.


Designer disasters: Before you select designer fabrics or furnishings, ask yourself if you want to spend your time in a heavily patterned environment. Do people who fill their homes with Laura Ashley feel like bumblebees?

Night moves: At night, fabric becomes important for its texture, not color. The open-weave chocolate-colored draperies in Skylofts look rich during the day, sexy at night.

-- Maryann Hammers