One villa that’s been home to a host of villains

Times Staff Writer

Remember when Krystle and Alexis fell fully clothed into the fish pond during a catfight? Yup, this is the place. TV’s infamously feuding Carringtons “lived” here in the 1980s, scheming and conniving their way through weekly episodes of the then-popular TV series “Dynasty.”

Linda Evans and Joan Collins were the present and ex-wives of oil tycoon Blake Carrington, portrayed by John Forsythe against the backdrop of what has been forever after dubbed “The Dynasty House.”

In reel life, the house bore witness to seductions, lies and blackmails. In real life, the mansion was a Pasadena Showcase House of Design.


It was also used as a location for shoots of at least 20 other TV series, including “CSI: Miami,” and an equal number of major movies, among them “Gods and Monsters” and “Terms of Endearment.”

The property is one of the most photographed in Pasadena, according to research done by building biographer Tim Gregory.

About this house: William Kennon Jewett, the original owner of the estate, was heir to a railroad fortune in Ohio and struck it rich as head of a gold mine in Colorado.

Jewett had the Palladian villa designed by Pasadena architects Sylvanus Marston and Garrett Van Pelt. Acting as his own contractor in 1915, Jewett built the house as a winter retreat. Two years later, he moved in full time.

Jewett died in 1933, but his second wife, Elizabeth, continued to live there until 1945. She opened the gardens for public tours. As a couple, they were known for hosting musical evenings in the garage, which housed a ballroom and five two-room chauffeurs’ apartments.

Later owners demolished the garage and subdivided the 9-acre property. Only the original house and a modernized, four-car garage remained. A tennis court and a pool were added in the 1950s.

The current owners, producer-screenwriter Peter Tolan (“Analyze This,” “Analyze That”) and his producer-editor wife, Leslie (“Rescue Me”), bought the estate in 1997.

The Tolans restored and expanded the estate, replacing mechanical systems and doing other refurbishing. They plan to move to Montecito.

Asking price: $14.5 million

Size: The 13,498-square-foot house has nine bedrooms and 7 seven bathrooms. It is on about 2 1/2 acres.

Features: There is a gated entry plus a 100-foot-long driveway; nine fireplaces; an elevator; and zoned heating and air conditioning.

There are a gym, media room and wine cellar on one level and an office / bedroom and bathroom on another.

Where: Pasadena

Listing agents: Maggie W. Navarro, (626) 568-7265, and Tricia McMullan, (626) 568-7205. Both are with Coldwell Banker, Pasadena.

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