Sounds of the City

“I knew you were too happy and smiley to be from here.”

A woman from Arizona to another out-of-stater in Santa Monica

“Some countries just have no luck.”

A woman reading the newspaper in Echo Park


“He didn’t know what a pun was, but he was so cute, I didn’t say anything.”

A young woman to a friend in Silver Lake

“I’ve known myself for 35 years and I haven’t fallen in love yet.”

A man reacting to a friend’s description of her love-at-first-sight experience in Beverly Hills


“I’m married now, so I watch a lot of TV.”

A man entering a party in Mar Vista

“She better not talk while we’re having a conversation.”

A woman referring to her Brooklyn-accented friend in Echo Park


“If it weren’t for make-up, she’d be lost.”

A man to a friend in Malibu