Did Schwarzenegger choose sides?

Re “Muslims Criticize the Governor,” Aug. 16

It’s interesting that Muslim leaders are grousing over what they say is Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s slight against them by attending a pro-Israeli rally.

There is, however, no decision to be made by a governor on any international issue. It’s hard to understand why this would be considered “pandering” as opposed to merely showing emotional support for a country largely considered to be defending itself.

Hopefully, The Times -- and Schwarzenegger -- will give equal coverage to Muslim groups that stage anti-terrorist rallies and the peace efforts made by the largely nonviolent Southern California Muslim community.



Studio City


When Jewish leaders invited Schwarzenegger to a July 23 pro-Israel rally, he readily promised to attend, “no two ways about it.” These words reveal more than the governor intended. He must also believe there are also no two ways about the current Israel-Lebanon conflict. Despite several requests from California Muslim leaders for a meeting, the governor has stonewalled them. Unfortunately, he seems unconcerned that he is revealing an unalterable prejudice about the parties in the Middle East conflict.