Trains, cars and 'missing' sunsets

ENJOYED Robin Rauzi's piece about Santa Barbara ["A Freeway-Free Coastal Journey," Weekend Escape, Nov. 26].

Just wanted you to know that someone could dine at the FisHouse 365 days a year, and you'd miss the sunset every day. So please don't feel sorry.

Why? Santa Barbara's coastline runs east and west, not north and south. The restaurant, like Santa Barbara, faces south. You have no idea how many visitors and new residents go to the beach or stand on the bluffs at Shoreline Park waiting for the setting sun to drop into the Pacific, only to discover that the sun sets behind the mountains.


Santa Barbara


REGARDING Rauzi's car-free journey to Santa Barbara: This is all good and well (and I love train rides), but I live in Venice. By the time I drive to Union Station by car or, God forbid, ride the 333 bus, I am already in Oxnard or farther if I take my own car on the Pacific Coast Highway.



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