Animators tickled over film form's recognition

Special to The Times

Looks like the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. has 'tooned up its awards, nominating three movies in its inaugural animated feature film race.

The toe-tapping penguins of "Happy Feet," the revved-up vehicles in "Cars" and the spooked suburban neighbors of "Monster House" were each cited in the 64th annual Golden Globe nominations announced Thursday.

For the most part, animation industry veterans delighted in the new Golden Globes recognition. However, some expressed disappointment that only three films, rather than five as in other categories, had been nominated.

"I don't know why there aren't more animated films nominated, as there were so many released this year," said George Miller, director of "Happy Feet."

Nonetheless, he said, he was "thrilled" to see his movie get a nod.

John Lasseter, director of "Cars," said he was also pleased for animation's recognition: "Just to establish the animated film category is phenomenal, and then on top of that to be nominated -- it's fantastic."

"Monster House" director Gil Kenan noted that the new category embraces a host of filmmakers who previously had gone unrecognized.

"It takes so many people so many years to make an animated film that the Golden Globe recognition is a real shot in the arm for hundreds of animators to have their projects recognized."

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