Rental homes help Big Bear economy

Re "A B&B; brouhaha at Big Bear," Dec. 18

The story on home rentals in Big Bear Lake fails to note that the city of Big Bear Lake already requires owners of vacation rental homes to obtain a city business license, pay a city fee, collect occupancy taxes and submit to an initial and annual follow-up inspection to assure compliance with city fire, health and building codes. The city has done so since 1999 under Transient Private Home Rental Ordinance 99-300.

The push for even tighter restrictions on private vacation home rentals by proprietors of bed-and-breakfast inns and motels/hotels in Big Bear is just an attempt by these business owners to push any possible competition out of their way.

The reality, however, is that because most vacationers who choose to rent a private home for their families in Big Bear or elsewhere are not looking for a bed and breakfast or hotel room, it will only have the effect of damaging the local economy while restricting access for thousands of Southern California families who want to enjoy a retreat in our beautiful local mountains.


Newbury Park

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