An image makeover, all right

REPORTEDLY seeking Al Gore's help with her image, 1, Lindsay Lohan was scheduled to attend the former VP's "Seeds of Tolerance" awards Dec. 14. Instead the "Bobby" costar spent the evening with people who can really polish up her party girl image: Smashbox founders Dean and Davis Factor and L.A. club czar Brent Bolthouse, who held a joint holiday party/birthday bash at Area. 2. Mom of the Year Britney Spears, below with Jenna Moore, showed up with two civilian (i.e. not famous) girlfriends, all of whom danced while rapper Snoop Dogg performed. Also in the crowd: Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie (yawn), a white-blond Mary Kate Olsen, Jared Leto, and 3, "Entourage's" hottest 2006 babe Emmanuelle Chriqui.

-- Elizabeth Snead

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