Out of the cellar, into the light

From Times staff

THE decor patrol has turned in its first suspect of the year. Pottery Barn's winter catalog, which began landing in mailboxes last week, has a conspicuous number of spreads devoted to the wine bottle as decorative accessory. Several pieces of furniture are designed to show off booze in much the same way one would family photos, heirlooms or other keepsakes. Exhibit A: Page 7 and the wine cubby, espresso-stained hardwood shelving that replicates restaurant ambience in your dining room. Exhibit B: Page 29 and the crown molding shelf, "deep enough to display a full bar" along with objets d'art. Exhibit C: Page 35 and the Arthur display shelf, a framed shadowbox tall enough to showcase that memorable Pinot along with your wedding portrait and baby's first shoes. Trendsetting style or retailing under the influence? The verdict is still out.

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