Warning: Fake grass gets hot

MY daughter lives in San Francisco. She recently installed artificial grass ["Weary of Lawn Work? Fake It," July 6] in the backyard.

It looks great but feels like a frying pan. I found the photo of the little girl and her dog sitting on the artificial grass questionable because the heat retention of that fake grass, even on cool days, is unbearable. In other words, the fake grass gets too hot. Check it out.


Boise, Idaho


SO homeowners, tired of weeding, mowing (exercise) and watering, prefer to have their children, themselves and their animals romp on artificial grass and its base, made from broken-down old tennis shoes, rubber tires and chemicals. Doesn't seem like a good trade-off to me! (Where is the sweet "grass smell" spray can?) What are people thinking?


Toluca Woods

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