Barbara Thornburg ("You Call This a Loft?"...

Barbara Thornburg ("You Call This a Loft?" page 16) is a senior editor for West and the author of the forthcoming book "L.A. Lofts" (Chronicle Books). A former president of the Los Angeles Conservancy, she has been active in downtown revitalization efforts for three decades.

Dave Lauridsen (Cover, "The Love Factory" photos, "Green Inches" photos) has contributed to Dwell, Travel & Leisure and Bon Appetit.

Dominique Vorillon ("You Call This a Loft?" photos) is the photographer for the book "L.A. Lofts." His work has appeared in House Beautiful, Coastal Living and the World of Interiors.

Colin Westerbeck (Photo Synthesis, page 13) is co-author, with Joel Meyerowitz, of "Bystander: A History of Street Photography" and is writing a history of portraiture photography. Before moving to L.A., he was curator of photography at the Art Institute of Chicago.

John Morgan Wilson (The Rules of Hollywood, page 14) is the author of "Rhapsody in Blood," the seventh novel in the Benjamin Justice mystery series.

Lynell George ("The New Faces," page 26) is a senior writer for West. Her work has appeared in Ms., Essence, Vibe and other magazines, as well as in the essay collection "Writing Los Angeles: A Literary Anthology."

Felipe Dupouy ("The New Faces" photos) has been featured in Time, Fortune, Los Angeles magazine and West.

Martin Booe ("The Love Factory," page 32) has contributed to Bon Appetit and is the co-author, with French chef Ludo Lefebvre, of the cookbook "Crave."

David A. Keeps ("Green Inches," page 36) is a Times staff writer. His weekly column, "The Scout," appears in The Times' Home section.

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