LAPD’s consent decree, Rampart case aftermath

Re “The LAPD has reformed,” Opinion, May 11

Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton asserts that the court-monitored consent decree should not be extended, even though the LAPD hasn’t complied with its most important provision: implementing a computerized system for tracking misconduct by his department’s worst officers.

It is not for the LAPD or its chief to make that assessment. If we could count on the LAPD to fairly decide how well it is protecting civil rights, the consent decree would not have been necessary in the first place. Instead of publishing public relations salvos, the LAPD should let the blue wall of silence come down and just obey the consent decree. In the meantime, that consent decree is there to protect and to serve -- us, from the LAPD.


Co-director, L.A. Police Watch



Re “Judge Lets Rampart Case Awards Stand,” May 9

News of the LAPD’s Rampart Division scandal was on the front page of newspapers, but the stories of redemption and the reality of how many officers’ lives were unnecessarily destroyed are relegated to a short blurb.

The people of Los Angeles are now paying for the political incompetence of so-called city and community leaders, and none of these leaders will ever be held accountable. Not only are we out millions to the officers who were targeted, we are now paying millions to implement a consent decree. Maybe our leaders should take this into consideration when they wonder why the LAPD cannot hire new officers.


Los Angeles