Lyons to Keep Part-Time Dodgers Job

Times Staff Writer

Steve Lyons, fired by Fox for on-air comments the network deemed inappropriate, will keep his job as a part-time television commentator for the Dodgers.

The team, in a statement issued Monday, said Lyons would undergo diversity training and that he was given probationary guidelines.

Of the diversity training, Lyons said, “I’m happy to do it.”

Of the probationary guidelines, he said, “They give the Dodgers the right to fire me if there are any other transgressions, but I think they’d have that right anyway.”


It’s believed Lyons was making about $500,000 a year from Fox and the Dodgers, with about three-fourths of that from Fox.

“I’m taking a big financial hit,” Lyons said, “but I’m thrilled and proud to continue as a voice of the Dodgers.”

Lyons works with play-by-play announcer Charley Steiner on the 40-plus road games that Vin Scully does not do. Lyons learned Saturday that he was fired because of what he said Friday during the American League Championship Series game between Detroit and Oakland.

Lyons’ on-air comments came while he was joking with fellow commentator Lou Piniella, who is Hispanic. The comment came after Piniella had equated A’s shortstop Marco Scutaro’s getting hot at the plate to finding a wallet. Piniella also said the A’s needed Frank Thomas to get “en fuego” -- Spanish for on fire -- and that he was currently “frio” -- cold.

“I’m still looking for my wallet,” Lyons said, and later denied there were racial implications.

This incident came eight days after Lyons and play-by-play partner Thom Brennaman made fun of a 64-year-old New York Mets fan wearing a magnifying device over his eyes, unaware the man was blind except for peripheral vision in one eye.