Electric lights are bright idea in L.A.

Oct. 18, 1916: The Broadway Improvement Assn. came into being “when representative business and professional men gathered at a luncheon in the blue room at the Los Angeles Athletic Club to discuss enterprises of much importance to this thoroughfare and other portions of the business district,” The Times reported.

People were appointed to represent each block in the area.

The group discussed “a new and striking illumination system for the business district of Los Angeles -- with Broadway as the premier unit,” the newspaper said.

Walter D’Arcy Ryan, who created the “Path of Gold” lights on San Francisco’s Market Street, was asked to request the General Electric Co.'s support as he planned a Los Angeles system, The Times said.


“Mr. Ryan related the history of the movement for the modern lighting of San Francisco and Salt Lake, and declared it his hope that these cities and Los Angeles would stand forth as the three best lighted cities in the United States.”