U.S. troops raid Iraqi TV station linked to Shiite political party

From the Associated Press

U.S. troops raided a television station affiliated with a major Shiite party in Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki’s government Monday, the station’s deputy editor said.

Haidar Kadhim said the troops disarmed the 40 guards at Al Furat television complex in Baghdad, but allowed the management and editorial teams to continue to work undisturbed. The U.S. forces did not search the offices.

Al Furat staffers work in five neighboring buildings, and the troops only used force to enter the one housing the station’s studios, Kadhim said.

The station announced news of the raid without comment in its scrolling news headlines.


Kadhim did not know what prompted the raid on the station, which is sponsored by the Shiite organization and political party Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq.