Pelosi’s Syria trip gets mixed review

Re “Bush faults Pelosi over trip to Syria,” April 4

I want to praise House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for doing the right thing and talking to the Syrians. We will not make peace between our respective countries if we do not talk.

Last week, a historic peace agreement was made between old enemies Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams in my hometown of Belfast, Northern Ireland. This peace process was begun by a man named John Hume, who sat down and talked to the terrorists on both sides. It was a long, hard journey, but it has brought peace. We need to do the same thing in the Mideast.


San Diego


There is no sense for President Bush to fault Pelosi for her trip to the Middle East. She did what every mother would do instinctively when she feels the man falls short of meeting his home responsibilities -- she took charge of the house!



Toluca Lake


I am outraged by the sheer arrogance of Pelosi, who decided to circumvent the president in her trip to Syria. In case she forgot, we had an election in 2004, and George Bush won. It is for Bush to decide the direction of this country’s foreign policy and not for her. Pelosi needs to go back and read her job description.


Los Angeles