Angels not raising price of single-game tickets

If you walk up to Angel Stadium and buy a ticket, the price you paid last season will be the price you pay this season.

The Angels have frozen virtually all prices for single-game tickets, with exceptions for a few sections already sold out for the season. The Angels sold a record 32,000 season tickets last year, and spokesman Tim Mead said the club expected to sell close to that many this year. Even with tickets at high demand, the Angels did not raise single-game prices.

“We want to try to protect, as much as possible, the integrity of the ticket price for families, groups and those who can’t come out frequently,” Mead said.

In October, the Angels raised prices on almost all season tickets, with sharp hikes for prime seats that quickly sell out. So, for season customers, the discount from the single-game price has shrunk.


In the field-box section, for instance, the season price jumped from $23 to $24.50 a game; the single-game price remains $29.

The Angels eliminated the discounted children’s ticket from the right field pavilion because they sold so many season tickets in that section, Mead said. The prices in left field remain $9 for adults and $5 for children.

-- Bill Shaikin