Sony plans $599 Blu-ray player

From the Associated Press

Sony Corp. said Monday that it was bringing out a cheaper player for Blu-ray discs early this summer, a crucial step in its battle to make the high-definition format the replacement for DVDs.

The BDP-S300 will cost $599 yet will have the same capabilities as the $999 BDP-S1 that Sony is currently selling, said Randy Waynick, senior vice president of the home products division of Sony Electronics.

Sony and Samsung Corp., which also makes a Blu-ray player, have been undersold by Toshiba Corp.'s players for the rival HD DVD format. Toshiba has a model on the market for $499.

However, sales of players for either format have been tepid, as consumers have stood back, waiting for the market to settle on one of the formats.


The BDP-S300 is a smaller unit than the BDP-S1 and is about the same size as a DVD player. Like the current model, it will be able to output a signal in the highest high-definition format. It will also be able to play CDs, which the BDP-S1 doesn’t.