It ain't me, babe

"RESHAPING the Muse Mold" by Ann Powers [Jan. 7] reminded me once again that the women's movement has broken apart on rocky shores. Ultra-feminists stretching the truth beyond recognition have greatly contributed to the fragmentation of that once strong movement, and Ann Powers, you can definitely consider yourself among the ranks.

To call Bob Dylan "a social climbing bad boy" and then strongly suggest that Joan Baez was not only his sole inspiration but also responsible for moving him up "fame's moving ladder" is beyond absurd. Dylan is a consummate artist, his muse resides within, and everyone he ran into back in the '60s acknowledged his talent and work.

Your work, on the other hand, is born of the same thing that drives George W. Bush. There is a belief so deep in you that it blinds you to reality. However, your work does have one thing going for it -- verisimilitude.


Palm Desert

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