They do care, really really


In response to Lynn Merles’ comment, [Weekend Feedback, March 22] on your My Favorite Weekend column, I personally find it interesting, informative and a great source of locating new venues to experience. Yes, Lynn, we “really, really” care where celebrities and “wannabes” eat on their weekends. You want Orange County? Read the Register. O.C. may “exist,” but it ain’t living.




I’m a longtime Orange County resident but nevertheless love My Favorite Weekend. It is so much fun to go along on a fantasy ride with a celebrity and find what kind of choice things they want to do (and eat) on a perfect weekend.


For me, it’s more than a restaurant column -- but rather one that gives us a refreshing insight into how others find ways to enjoy life.


Huntington Beach


I look forward to My Favorite Weekend every week! When I’m out of town, my wife saves the Weekend section and it’s one of the first articles I read when I get home.

It’s really not about the celebrity factor but about the great places we’ve learned about as a result of reading this weekly column. It doesn’t matter if the recommendations are in the San Fernando Valley, the South Bay, downtown or the Westside, it’s a great source for great places.

I think those people behind the Orange Curtain may be just a little bit jealous.