And at USC . . .

Bill Plaschke is right when he writes that Mark Sanchez proves he can lead the Trojans, but that is not the point.

John David Booty has earned the starting quarterback position and should lose it only if he is too injured to play well or he exhibits a clear failure to perform.

What Plaschke needs to remember is we are talking about college kids. They will all have ample opportunities in life to prove themselves. We unfortunately live in a time when the passion for victory far exceeds the passion for the game itself.

Patrick I. O’Donnell



Pete Carroll is a great coach, but has he ever heard of Lou Gehrig?

Charlie Jones

La Jolla


Time to put a lid on the Sanchez-mania engendered by the 38-0 rout of the Stinkin’ Irish. Other than the military academies and that cross-town UCLA juggernaut that lost by 38 to Utah, the Irish will go 0 for 2007! Hardly a ringing endorsement for Sanchez to start at Oregon. We will separate the wheat from the chaff at Autzen Stadium on Saturday.

Mark S. Roth

Los Angeles

Booty should have lost his job as starting quarterback even before his broken finger. His spiritless play, bad throws and bad decisions should have resulted in his benching even before his injury. Booty’s statements make it sound as if the decision to resume the starting spot is his to make. It shouldn’t be. The coach should not stress over this decision and just do what is best for the team, which in my opinion, is to give the job to the player who has demonstrated the superior skills, and that is clearly Sanchez.


Dale Thomson

North Hills